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Log in to Westpac One® online banking and head to the hotpoints Pay page. Here you'll be able to turn on hotpoints Pay for your next purchase. This means that the next time you use your card, you’ll be using your points for that purchase. If you change your mind about using your points, you'll be able to turn it off before your next purchase by going back to the hotpoints Pay page.

After a successful hotpoints Pay redemption, it will automatically turn off – so if you want to make another hotpoints Pay redemption you’ll have to turn it back on. Once you’ve redeemed, the dollar amount of your purchase will be credited to your hotpoints credit card account within two business days.

If you need help turning on hotpoints Pay, call 0800 861 862, weekdays between 8am and 6pm.

You can also use hotpoints Pay to pay off purchases you’ve already made, as long as you have enough hotpoints to cover that purchase in full.

Hotpoints earned on an account are valid for 35 months from the date they are awarded and will expire at the end of the relevant calendar month.

When you make a redemption or use hotpoints Pay, your oldest points will be used first.

Please see the Conditions of Use for a summary of what will happen to your hotpoints upon cancellation of your hotpoints credit card.

To redeem your hotpoints, you can log in to hotpoints online from Westpac One using the "redeem your hotpoints now" link.

Once you’re on the hotpoints site, you’ll be able to choose from a range of redemption options. You can turn on hotpoints Pay for your next purchase, use hotpoints Pay for a past purchase you've made on your Westpac hotpoints credit card in the last 90 days, redeem for gift cards or treat yourself or someone special to any products from our hotpoints store. You can also donate your hotpoints to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter or convert your hotpoints into contributions towards an existing Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Account.

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