What is hotpoints®?

If you love rewards you’ll love hotpoints – they’re the reward points you earn by making everyday purchases.

There’s a wide range of ways you can use your hotpoints and with the all-new hotpoints Pay® - you can choose how to use them. From your morning brew to tasty treats, to technology or a weekend getaway. You have the flexibility to choose.

Apply here for your Westpac hotpoints credit card and get ready to start making the most of your everyday purchases.

Using your hotpoints.

There are two ways you can choose to reward yourself. Option one, hotpoints Pay! You can now use your hotpoints anywhere Mastercard® is accepted^. So, you can use your hotpoints to shop from millions of local, international and online retailers.

Or option two – choose a reward from the extensive selection of items in our online catalogue, like merchandise and gift cards. You can also use your points towards making a charity donation or even contribute towards any Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme account.

We’re thrilled to announce that an all-new way to use your hotpoints is here! Introducing, hotpoints Pay. Now you have the freedom and flexibility to use your hotpoints for what you want, anywhere your Mastercard is accepted at millions of local, international and online retailers*.

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With four different hotpoints credit cards to choose from, having the right credit card for you can make a huge difference to how quickly you earn hotpoints. See our range of cards.

To use hotpoints Pay, you'll need at least 667 hotpoints which is $3. To redeem for most gift cards or eCards, or contribute to a Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Account, you'll need a minimum of 3,600 hotpoints which is $20. The minimum required to redeem for merchandise will vary depending on the products that are available at the time. You can donate as little as 900 points to charity which is $5.

*Some purchases do not earn hotpoints, such as cash advances, charges, interest, cash substitutes, business expenditure (excluding transactions made on a BusinessPLUS Mastercard), balance transfers, tax payments, transactions on your nominated account(s) linked to your credit card or any transaction that is reversed, refunded or charged back.

^Eligible purchases exclude gambling chips or gambling transactions (including online gambling), cash advances, interest charges, tax payments, or transactions on any nominated account(s) linked to your credit card or account, or any other purchase that Westpac deems ineligible for hotpoints Pay. Only purchases made with a hotpoints Mastercard can be used for hotpoints Pay.